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Pavement Magazine Top 100 Contractors.
Welcome to the Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction survey of paving & pavement maintenance contractors. Our hope with this survey is to develop verifiable Top Contractor listings in each of five industry segments: Paving, Sealcoating, Striping, Sweeping and Pavement Repair. To do that we need to know:

• Gross Sales Volume for your fiscal year 2013 (regardless of the date that fiscal year ended)
• A breakdown by percentage of the type of work that generated those 2013 sales
• Third-party verification of that sales total (see additional explanation at the end of the survey)

To determine whether a company qualifies for one (or more) of our five lists we will multiply your total 2013 sales dollars by the percentage of work done in each industry segment. For example, if a contractor reports $1 million in 2013 sales and generated 40% of those sales from sealcoating, the number used to determine qualification for the Sealcoating Top Contractor List would be $400,000 ($1 million x 40%).

Note: No sales figures will be reported or published; sales figures will be used only internally for determining each list. Also, no contractor will be eligible for the list without third party verification of your FY 2013 Gross Sales Volume.

There are 3 ways to complete and submit this form:
• Online at http://topcontractor.questionpro.com
• Complete a hard copy and fax (708-531-1613) or mail it to Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction, Top Contractor Survey, 1233 Janesville Avenue, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538; Attn. Jessica Stoikes.
• Complete a hard copy, scan and e-mail to allan.heydorn@cygnus.com


Thanks very much for your participation. We do appreciate it. Should you have any questions please call Allan Heydorn at 708-531-1612 or allan.heydorn@cygnus.com.

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